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  1. The New Covenant in a Nutshell, Living Grace, by Paul Hernandez

    This is a chart of differences between the Old and New Covenant mindsets, Before and After Cross perspectives of the Truth :))
    Just these two pages of the book alone is able to shake the skeletons out of the religious closets, especially the preachings that centers on separation and condemnation.
    You are not far from God and you are no longer isolated from Him! In Christ, you already are in perfect union for God! There’s no need to strive for intimacy with Jesus! There’s no need to perfect what Jesus has already perfected, through the baptism of His death and resurrection, Jesus perfected our intimacy with God, we have been accepted into the Beloved! Enter into rest and enjoy your intimacy with Him today :)

    Be renewed and set free today! Halleluyah! :D


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