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  1. God promised to give the world to him and to all his family after him. He did not make this promise because Abraham obeyed the Law. He promised to give the world to Abraham because he put his trust in God. This made him right with God. 

    If those who obey the Law are to get the world, then a person putting his trust in God means nothing. God’s promise to Abraham would be worth nothing. God’s anger comes on a man when he does not obey the Law. But if there were no Law, then no one could break it.

    Romans 4:13-15 NLV


    And guess what, for we are SAVED by GRACE through faith by trusting in the redemption of our’s simply believing in our hearts and receiving His grace that gives us our right standing with God :) Simple as that! Our Law ex-husband has died with Jesus so that we can marry and be made as One with our Grace Husband in Jesus! (Romans 7:1-4) For now we are no longer under the law but GRACE (Romans 6:14) thus where there’s no law, there’s no transgressions because there are is no more law for us to break! God cannot impute sin in us those who are made righteous by Jesus because GRACE is NOT law! And if God cannot impute sin in us, He will not remember any of our sins! When we are under grace, it’s pure grace and compassion! Grace is the truth that brings us our redemption!


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